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Rutanen Jenna


Finnish-born photographer Jenna Rutanen (Vesanto, 1987) graduated with a bachelor's degree in photographic arts from the University of Westminster, London in 2012. In the same year, she relocated to the Netherlands and continued her studies in Leiden University graduating with a master's degree in Film and Photography in 2015. Moving between different countries and feeling the sense of otherness has largely impacted her photographic work in which she observes and analyses the world and photographic medium. Most recently she has focused on the theme of holiday photos which means taking photos on film in different parts of the world and later purposely destroying and distressing the film negatives. Distressing is normally done with food, acids and liquids that are somehow representing the country in which the photos have been taken. For instance holiday photos taken in New York were bathed in Coca-cola and left to soak in the sun for a couple of weeks and photos of Chile were bathed in Pisco sour which is the national drink of Chile. Rutanen was selected as one of the New Dutch Photography Talents in the Netherlands in 2019 for her project Coca-cola and Sunshine (2018). 


2013-2015 M.A in Film and Photography, University of
Leiden, The Netherlands

2011-2012 B.A Honours in Photographic Arts, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom
2.1 degree.

2009-2011 Foundation degree in Professional photography, City of Westminster 
College, London. 

Solo Exhibitions 

2018 Metamorphosis, Home of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands 

2016 Poetry without words, Piece of Finland, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 Scandinavische Oktober at Branoul Theater, The Hague, Netherlands 

2014 Photography exhibition "Roots" at Theater Ins Blau, Leiden, Netherlands

Group Exhibitions

2019 New Dutch Photography Talent, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

2018 Affordable Art Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

2018 Coca-cola and sunshine, Minna Canthin talo, Kuopio. Finland

2017 Juuret(on)-Ars Liberan j?senn?yttely, Kellarigalleria, Suonenjoki, Finland

2016 PS16- Regional Exhibition of Northern Savo Photography, VB Photographic centre,
Kuopio, Finland

2015 Het Kunsternaarsbal 2015, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, 

2014 2014 Global Mix, Valmed group exhibition, Centre of Arts Mylly, Kuopio, Finland

2014 Opening Van Het Culturele Jaar 2014, Peter Klashorst Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 God shave the Queen, Peter Klashorts Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012 The annual photography competition of Finnish camera club, Kuopio, Finland

2012 Free Range show, Old Truman Brewery-gallery, London, UK

2011 Free Range show, Old Truman Brewery-gallery, London, UK 

2010 The Bar gallery, London, UK

2010 The Crate gallery, London, UK


2014-present Freelancer photographer/ Artist

2010-2011 Gallery-assistent at Willesden gallery, London, UK

2010 Intern at FMG, London, UK

2010 Gallery-assistant at Lingering whispers exhibition at St Pancras
Church, London, UK


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